How to Integrate Ticket Support to LearnDash in 5 Minutes

Awais Raza

Awais Raza

This LearnDash Tutorial is aimed to be for every eLearning entrepreneur. A lot of people ignore the fact, but ticket support system is extremely essential for you and your users. It allows your users to easily communicate through the user Dashboard and keep track of their messages. Unlike using contact form for support related queries, they get a threaded view of their current and past tickets, all that from within your site.

I have tried a lot of different ticket support systems, but finally settled with Awesome support. Even the free version of awesome support has more than just enough features for a normal website. But they also have some very useful add-ons too, all that at very very reasonable pricing as compared to its competitors.

Enough talking, let’s move on with the actual tutorial.

Step 1: Install Awesome Support Plugin through your Dashboard

After activation, Awesome Support should automatically create required pages for you.

Step 2: Install advanced access manager plugin

This plugin is essential to make Awesome support plugin work correctly. I am going to show use of this plugin in later steps.

By now, we have the required plugins and you should have a few automatically created pages named “My Tickets” and “Create Tickets” .

Step 3: Give subscribers permission to create tickets, view ticket, close ticket, reply ticket and attach files. I hope you are going well with this LearnDash tutorial.

In order to do that, you should go to AAM from Dashboard

Step 4: Now search for subscriber role in the search panel, and click on the little gear icon, just next to subscriber.

Step 5: Now click on capabilities

Step 6: Search for following six things and make sure to check them, one by one. Make sure to use the “Search Capability” search bar and paste following texts one by one in it and check each of them.

  • view_ticket
  • create_ticket
  • close_ticket
  • reply_ticket
  • attach_files
LearnDash tutorial - Step 6

If your site is using other roles, like when using WooCommerce there is a customer role, please make sure to repeat the process for each role.

Like when using WooCommerce, repeat the step 4 , but make sure to type in “Customer” , click on gear icon and repeat step 5 and 6.

Make sure to link “My Tickets” page from Dashboard and add it to menu too, for better UX.